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Today is World Chocolate Day!!!!

Chocolate was first brought to Europe on July 7, 1550. Before that, chocolate was limited to specific regions and countries. For example it was mostly found in south and central America and Mexico. The first World Chocolate Day was celebrated on July 7, 2009. Why? Hello!

This special day is for that silky, rich and smooth taste of Chocolate that has the power to unite entire continents!

In honor of this amazing day, I decided the recreate a little candy store front with none other than chocolate! Milk chocolate, white chocolate, cherry filled chocolate and dark chocolate.

The original idea for this card came from Ann Krucek. I changed some things around a bit, but what a cute idea!

I hope you all have chocolate in your homes or at work today to indulge in this World Chocolate Day!!!!! ENJOY!

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Purple Paisley Papers
Paper Crafting
By: Darla Foster

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